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Scheduling online is simple and easy! Scroll to the button at the bottom of the page: Bella Viva

We love to make life as simple and easy as possible!  Booking online can be done any time of day or night from the comfort of your home or office.  If you have any trouble see the troubleshooting information below.  Usually trying a different browser other than Safari helps!  Please do not stress out, just 

Call or text 508.737.5465 if you need help with booking an appointment.

You will need your email and create a password to establish your own account.  It only takes a minute or less. Next steps:

  • Pick the type of massage

  • Pick a day of the week

  • Pick your favorite time

  • Pay for the appointment -IF YOU HAVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE-SEE BELOW !

  • Relax and wait for your favorite day of the week!!




If you have a GIFT CERTIFICATE-online booking will not accept the payment.  So, to help you book online we created a SERVICE called GIFT CERTIFICATES You will reserve your appoinment by paying $1.  Bring your gift certificate in the day of your appointment and we will take care of the rest!

Click link below to go to our booking software- Massagebook

Do you have a gift certificate?

Trouble Shooting

Recent changes to Safari on both iOS and MacOS can interfere with a client's ability to book an appointment via the embedded scheduler. This affects Safari users only. If clients have the following setting enabled, they will enter a continuous booking loop. Disabling the setting allows the client to book successfully. If a client wishes to make this change, they can complete the following steps:

Open Safari on iOS or MacOS > Select Preferences > Select Privacy > Disable the Setting "Prevent cross-site tracking"

MassageBook recommends the client use an alternate browser if they experience trouble booking online and do not wish to disable the setting.

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