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Meet the Team at Bella Viva

Call or text 508.737.5465 if you need help with booking an appointment.


Nicole Briggs 


Business Owner/Manager and former Massage therapist since 2000. Her training took place at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Boston, MA where she learned to love the human body and all the great mysteries of it. Although Nicole is no longer doing massage therapy she is working with clients to help them heal from the inside out teaching clients how to relax and unwind the effects of stress. 

Finding Zen and Joy emerged after Nicole finished her Positivity and Relaxation Training through Harvards' Mind Body Medicine program. Helping people manage their stress means they can find more joy and greater health!  Her passion for helping others shows in her work whether in a small group class or working one on one. 

Compassion and kindness will embrace you from the moment you meet Nicole! 


In addition to helping her clients she has four beautiful children she plays with when she isn’t working. She enjoys staying active and fit and understands the athletic mindset. She completed her first PMC in 2016! Life is a journey and your attitude determines how awesome the journey is!! 

May McMorrow

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 11.30.21 AM.png

May brings to massage a warmth and kindness that softens and relaxes all her clients.  Her massage techniques are highly effective at removing stress and tension from the body.


May graduated from the Cape Cod School of Massage Therapy where she received over 600 hours of training, most of which comes from the student clinic where clients rebooked with her again and again.


She uses intuitive touch, stretching, and joint movement to provide the best possible care to our clients. On her off hours, you will find her spending time with her three kids.

Amy Welch

Copy of There is no path to happiness Happiness is the path..png

Amy welcomes her clients with a warm and friendly demeanor. Her passion for others shows in the work she does.  Come see why clients rebook with her.  After 15 years as a therapist she still finds great joy in helping her clients feel better than when they walked in.  

Taylor Uhlman

taylor .png

One of the first forms of wellness support, was massage and bodywork, so I am passionate about helping my clients by getting back to the basics with their overall wellness. 


We unfortunately have become a culture where healthcare providers prescribe pain medications before attempting to solve the problem in a more basic manner.  I am a firm believer that massage is key in helping to support overall physical and mental health. I love injury specific focus work, sports massage, deep tissue (deep tissue does NOT need to be painful to work), relaxing Swedish massage, myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy.


I  welcome clients who are looking for a relaxing massage with beautiful soft music in the background, clients who want to chat through their entire session or clients who would rather listen to AC/DC than Bach. My heart has always been with helping our First Responders, Military Members and Veterans through massage. I can’t wait to meet so that we can set up a bodywork plan that works for you!

Emma Devine

Emma welcomes you with a soft, gentle, healing demeanor!  She loves being a Massage Therapist helping her clients feel better after each session.  She is passionate about communicating to make sure her clients' needs are met.  

Emma works exclusively with women.  Please call or tex 508.737.5465 to book an appointment with her.  She is looking forward to helping you on your wellness journey.

"Nothing looks as good as HEALTHY feels."


Virginia Aveiro

Zen Stones

Virginia is a Licensed Massage Therapist and received her Massage License upon completion at the Cape Cod Massage Institute in Hyannis, Ma. Her goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for all her clients. Everyone is treated with highest level of care, respect, modesty, and compassion.  She’s dedicated in helping clients improve their health and well-being. Virginia offers a high quality Massage, and out-standing service. Whether you are looking to find a sense of balance, tranquility, or relief from chronic pain/tension, she can meet your Massage Therapy needs. 

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